Air Vent Dryer Installation Instructions

Things to have around before you start:

  • A hose cutting tool or equivalent
  • 2 hose clamps (included)
  • A flat head screwdriver for the hose clamps


  1. Verify that the inside diameter of your fuel tank air vent hose is 5/8". If it is not 5/8" do not proceed, contact H2Out® for assistance.
  2. Locate your fuel tank air vent; select a location along the vent hose most convenient for you to access in the future. Cut a single, clean edged break in the hose.
  3. Do not trim the vent hose further. Slide the hose clamps over the hose. Insert the H2Out Filter into the vent hose on both ends. Tighten the hose clamps with a flat head screw driver.
  4. Carefully reposition any slack in the hose to avoid restricting airflow. Install the filter vertically to ensure any overfill of fuel that passes through the filter will drain back into the tank.

The desiccant in your AVD will need to be replaced at the same time you change the oil in your motor. To order replacement desiccant please contact the store you purchased your unit from or contact H2Out at info@h2out.com.