Discover the Many Benefits of Drum Guards

Discover the Many Benefits of Drum Guards

We ship high-quality drum guards across the globe

If you run a business that relies on fuel, oils or other fluids, you need a way to store those materials without fear of contamination. The Drum Guard fits directly in the small bung on 30 and 55 gallon drums, and can be moved from drum to drum as each is emptied. Your liquids can stay pure and safe when you use drum guards from H2Out.

H2Out is a leading manufacturer of durable, renewable products that prevent water contamination in fuel, oil and hydraulic fluids. We're based in Sequim, WA, but we ship internationally.

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Keep your materials safe in air-tight drums

Many plants and factories use large drums that need to be sanitary and air-tight. These drums are used to safely store:

  • Lubricating or hydraulic oil
  • Fuel for industrial machinery
  • Chemicals used in laboratories or chemical plants

Without drum guards to cover the drums, these materials can degrade or get contaminated-risking the quality of your products or the operation of your machinery.

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